DateDownload FormatTitleScriptureSpeaker
2018-06-17MP3PDFDOCXFinal Judgement: The Seven Angels with Seven PlaguesRevelation 15:1-16:21Bruce Chick
2018-06-10MP3  End Time Judgement & HarvestRevelation 14:1-20Bruce Chick
2018-06-03MP3  He has Always been FaithfulDeuteronomy 7:9Bruce Chick
2018-05-27MP3  Revelation 13Revelation 13Bruce Chick
2018-05-20MP3  Jonah: A Lot Like Me & YouJomah 1-4Jonathan Grooms
2018-05-13MP3PDFDOCXSGCC Shared Values: Serve and Give2 Corinthians 8:1-12, 9:1-15Colin Campbell
2018-05-06MP3PDFDOCXThe Woman and the DragonRevelation 12:1-17Bruce Chick
2018-04-29MP3PDFDOCXJudgment Begin: The Seven TrumpetsRevelation 8:6-11:19Bruce Chick
2018-04-22MP3PDFDOCXWhy the Trials?Genesis 22:1-19Bruce Chick
2018-04-15MP3PDFDOCXThe Seven SealsRevelation 6:1-8:5Bruce Chick
2018-04-08MP3PDFDOCXOur Savior: The Slain LambRevelation 5:1-14Bruce Chick
2018-04-01MP3PDFDOCXWhat's the Difference?John 20:27-28Bruce Chick
2018-03-25MP3PDFDOCXGod is Still on His ThroneRevelation 4Spencer Vaughn
2018-03-18MP3PDFDOCXSGCC on a MissionLuke 19:2-11Bruce Chick
2018-03-11MP3  AdoptionGalatians 4:1-7Mickey Connolly
2018-03-04MP3PDFDOCXOur Groom's Imperfect Bride: The Seven ChurchesRevelation 2:8-3:22Bruce Chick
2018-02-25MP3PDFDOCXThe Church That ForgotRevelation 2:1-7Bruce Chick
2018-02-18MP3PDFDOCXOur Living SovereignRevelation 1:9-20Bruce Chick
2018-02-11MP3  The Things to ComeRevalation1:1-8Bruce Chick
2018-01-28MP3PDFDOCXCommissioned for our CommunityMatthew 5:13-16Spencer Vaughn
2018-01-21MP3PDFDOCXGod's Precious Gift: Life Bruce Chick
2018-01-14MP3PDFDOCX"E" is not for 'Easy to Understand'Ecclesiastes 3:9-15Bruce Chick
2018-01-07MP3PDFDOCXA Postmortem Look: Solomon1 Kings 11:1-13Bruce Chick
2017-12-31MP3  2018: A Personal EncounterActs 22:1-16Bruce Chick
2017-12-24MP3  Know Jesus, Know PeaceLuke 2:14Bruce Chick
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