DateDownload FormatTitleScriptureSpeaker
2019-02-24MP3PDFDOCXJonah Part IINahum 1-3Bruce Chick
2019-02-17MP3PDFDOCXWhat Does the LORD Require?Micah 6:3-8Bruce Chick
2019-02-10MP3PDFDOCXWho Is Like YahMicah 7:18-20Bruce Chick
2019-02-03MP3PDFDOCXReveling in DisasterObadiah 1-21Bruce Chick
2019-01-27MP3PDFDOCXThe Missionary GodJonahBruce Chick
2019-01-20MP3PDFDOCXThe Righteous Live By FaithHabakkuk 2:1-4Spencer Vaughn
2019-01-06MP3  A Legacy of ContinuancePhilippians 4:9Bruce Chick
2018-12-30MP3PDFDOCXHappy as Can Be in 2019Habakkuk 3:17-19Spencer Vaughn
2018-12-23MP3PDFDOCXThe Day of the ChurchJoel 2:18-32Colin Campbell
2018-12-16MP3PDFDOCXThe Day of the LordJoel 1-2:17Colin Campbell
2018-12-02MP3  Why the Local ChurchEphesians 4:11-16Mickey Connolly
2018-11-25MP3PDFDOCXFrom Judgement to World MissionsAmos 9:8-15Bruce Chick
2018-11-18MP3PDFDOCXA Rude Awakening for the Smug Bruce Chick
2018-11-11MP3PDFDOCXSocial Justice Is Godly Bruce Chick
2018-11-04MP3PDFDOCXSo You Think You Know God?Hosea 11:8-9Bruce Chick
2018-10-28MP3PDFDOCXNo RivalsHosea 1-3Bruce Chick
2018-10-21MP3PDFDOCXThe Test of ProsperityHosea 13:4-6Bruce Chick
2018-10-14MP3PDFDOCXThe Prophet:God's Mouthpiece Bruce Chick
2018-10-07MP3PDFDOCXCome Lord JesusRevelation 1-22Bruce Chick
2018-09-30MP3  The Special Privilege of Knowing JesusJohn 7:31-51Bruce Chick
2018-09-23MP3PDFDOCXOur Defeated FoeRevelationBruce Chick
2018-09-16MP3PDFDOCXAnd They Lived Happily Ever AfterRevelation 21:1-8Spencer Vaughn
2018-09-09MP3PDFDOCXWhat Happens After I Die?2 Corinthians 5:1-8Bruce Chick
2018-09-02MP3PDFDOCX1000 ReasonsRevelation 20:1-15Bruce Chick
2018-08-26MP3PDFDOCXStay or Leave? Bruce Chick
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